Due to the Corona Virus, The Citadel CLC has been officially canceled at this time. We will continue to plan for next year (Current as 0f 26 March 2020)

Upcoming Susupenses

- CLC Attending Units Fund Requests  (Each Unit O&M and MILPER for travel to CLC and Meals during travel).  1 MARCH 2020
- CLC Attending Units RSVP to Host unit/Cadet Roster into Wings Events (Each Unit) : 1 MARCH 2020

-Instructor Information form complete (located on web site)

1 MARCH 2020

- Instructor/ cadet reservation form (located on web site):

1 April 2020

- Instructor job request form: (located on web site): 1 April 2020

- Unit By Name request (BNR): (located on web site): 1 April 2020

- Cadet Cadre request/info form  (located on web site): 1 May 2020

- Unit arrival date and time if arriving on Saturday : 1 May 2020

- FINAL BNR change: 5/22/2020 for CLC 1 or 5/29/2020 for CLC 2

Welcome to the South Carolina CLC at The Citadel!

This site will have all the information for participating Units to successfully accomplish all required actions prior to arrival

About the South Carolina

Cadet Leadership Course

at The Citadel

The Cadet Leadership Course is a 1 Week JROTC overnight stay encampment that challenges the mind, body and spirit of JROTC Cadets from around the country and overseas. Two separate sessions are held each Summer in June, attended by 46 Units from the Air Force, Coast Guard and  the Republic of Singapore. For more information contact The Directors at CitadelCLC@gmail.com

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CItadel CLC : C/O Wando HS AFJROTC,

1000 Warrior Way

Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466