CADET DROP OFF off will be in front of Padgett Thomas. Buses may drop off in front of the Barracks but then they must proceed to the Decal Parking next to the Infirmary (see map). Instructor POV parking will be on the East and North sides of Padgett Thomas. Cadets cannot park on campus.
PARENTS: the preferred method of dropping off your cadet is to park in front of Padgett Thomas, and once they have their belongings, allow them to proceed on their own inside the Main Sally Port (arched gate on Jones Ave). If you must accompany them, please take no longer than 5 minutes to escort them inside.
1. Cadre should arrive between 1100 and 1200 on 7 (CLC 1) or 14 (CLC 2) June. Training starts promptly at 1300 in Mark Clark Hall. UNIFORM: Unit T-shirt (or equivalent) and Khaki Shorts, camel-back (or similar) water container. Bring a notebook and writing utencil
2. Basic Cadets should arrive NLT 0830 on 8 (CLC 1) or 15 (CLC 2) June. 
UNIFORM: Unit T-shirt (or equivalent) and Khaki Shorts, camel-back (or similar) water container.
1. GRADUATION PARADE will begin at 0930 on Saturday 13 (CLC 1) or 20 (CLC 2) June and will be held on Summerall Field.  Parents and guests will be able to view the parade from the bleachers on Jones Avenue. Seating is at a premium, so arrive early. It will be HOT! 
2. PICK UP PROCEDURES: Once the parade is over, cadets will proceed to Murray Barracks. Parents and guests will not be allowed to enter the Barracks until all the rooms are cleared. Gates will be opened once all cadet rooms are checked. (around 1030 )